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  1. Value Package(AJ6+S6)

    Value Package(AJ6+S6)

    Retail $320.00

    HG Juice(6 Units)+Facial Soap(6 Bars)

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  2. Altie Set

    Altie Set

    Retail $220.00

    Altie Set Learn More
  3. Altie Deluxe Set

    Altie Deluxe Set

    Retail $400.00

    Altie Deluxe Set Learn More
  4. Altie Moisturizing Cream

    Altie Moisturizing Cream

    Retail $70.00

    Altie Moisturizing Cream Learn More
  5. Altie Lotion

    Altie Lotion

    Retail $65.00

    Altie Lotion Learn More
  6. Altie Facial Wash

    Altie Facial Wash

    Retail $55.00

    Altie Facial Wash Learn More
  7. Altie Cleansing Cream

    Altie Cleansing Cream

    Retail $55.00

    Altie Cleansing Cream Learn More
  8. Half & Half(VJ25+S3)

    Half & Half(VJ25+S3)

    Retail $160.00

    Vera Jell(25 ml)+Facial Soap(3 Bars)

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  9. Half & Half (AJ3+S3)

    Half & Half (AJ3+S3)

    Retail $160.00

    HG Juice(6 Unites)+Facial Soap(3 Bars)

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  10. Value Package(VJ50+S6)

    Value Package(VJ50+S6)

    Retail $320.00

    Vera Jell(50 ml)+Facial Soap(6 Bars)

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