A New Kind of Business - Designed for YOU

At Harmony Green, we take a unique approach to marketing our products. We believe that the best way to spread the word about a truly life-changing product is through a network of passionate product users.

To put it plainly: Instead of paying to put the product on a shelf somewhere in stores, and spending money on advertising, we put the marketing dollars toward rewarding those who share the products with their friends and family. We do this with a generous compensation plan. (see below)

First, you get registered as an affiliate member with Harmony Green. Then, as you share the benefits of the product and income opportunity with friends, family, and people close to you, you will earn money based on the product that is purchased by those who you have referred.

By becoming a member of Harmony Green, you have the opportunity to truly help people with their health, and make extra money doing it. For those who choose to build an organization of members with the intention of making a widespread impact, the earning potential is quite high.

Whether you want to use the products, have better health, and help the people around you while supplementing your income, or you want to put forth the effort to build a large organization and make a sizeable income, there is a place for everyone at Harmony Green.

  Member of Direct Selling Association

Harmony Green America, Inc. is proud of being a member of the Direct Selling Association. To view the DSA Code of Ethics, please click here, www.dsa.org/ethics.  Harmony Green America, Inc. strives to ensure that the Company and Harmony Green America Associates abide by the DSA Code of Ethics, and actively seeks to remedy any violations of the Code that are reported to us.  Because we sincerely want everyone to have a positive experience with Harmony Green America, we welcome the opportunity to resolve any violations of the Code that may have occurred. Please report any potential violation of the Code directly to Harmony Green America, Inc. by clicking here.  

Compensation Plans

Harmony Green’s compensation plan allows you to earn income based on the production of your organization. Our multi-tiered compensation plan allows you to earn not only on your personal production, but also on the sales and production of those who you bring into the company as members. This allows for an exponential growth of income.

If you have ever trained a colleague in a traditional workplace, you were probably paid for the time you spent training them. But imagine if you were paid a percentage for all the work they did with that company in their lifetime. That’s what you get at Harmony Green. When you help a new member get results with the products and income opportunity, you will be compensated for their production for as long as they are a member.