What is AloenRich?

Original elements focusing on revitalization of your skin"AloenRich ®"

AloenRich ® was developed to unreservedly deliver the life force of the organically grown Aloe Vera to your skin. This is the originally created Harmony Green element, only one of which can be found in the world.

AloenRich ®
delivers the life force bursting out of
Aloe Vera to your skin.

Organic aloe vera is bursting with the life force,
receiving the abundant blessings of the sun and the earth. It is said to provide excellent moisturizing capacity and prevent rough skin.

Supports the working of Aloe Vera.
3 naturally sourced elements

It includes large amounts of the growth factor known as polyamine and this promises to provide support for collagen.

It also includes flavonoid, which has the potential to provide aging care*.

* replenishes the moisture lost when aging

It includes a plentiful amount of amino acids, which have a nature extremely close to that of the skin.

AloenRich ®
brings out the potential of the skin,
enabling it to shine on forever.

From now and forever
For a beautiful,
blooming me

When comparing roses in water to which ALO Enrich ® had been added with roses just in water,
there was such a notable difference in life force after 10 days.
With AloenRich ®
Increases strength of

With AloenRich ®
the power of collagen is

※ Investigation by DRC Corporation(rated agency)

Seeking the maximum in Aloe Vera excellence

Working from the start of research into aloe vera to the present day,
we have pursued a wide range of possibilities in order to deliver the benefits of organic aloe vera in a more effective way.
The new raw material that has emerged from these efforts is AloenRich ®.
We have been able to fully utilize the brilliance of aloe vera in restoring to the skin its original beauty.