Organic Aloe Vera Juice



Experience the health benefits of aloe vera in its most pure form. Our aloe vera is processed in a simple, gentle way that retains as much of the delicate nutritional components possible, so you can reap the full benefits of aloe vera, every time you open a bottle of Harmony Green Aloe Vera Juice.

Harmony Green aloe vera juice is sourced, and produced in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, where conditions are perfect for aloe vera fields and ensures freshness of each bottle. The juice contains pure aloe vera with pulp. No water, preservatives, artificial colors, or artificial flavors are added.

Our aloe vera juice is 99.815% pure! That is above and beyond any other aloe on the market that we know of. We' ve gone the extra mile to ensure purity, so you can simply open the bottle, and reap the benefits of wholesome, completely organic aloe vera juice.

We do not bleach or artificially color our aloe vera juice, in order to preserve the purity of the juice for your enjoyment. Due to this, the color of the juice in the bottle will actually change a little bit with the seasons.

So if your aloe is a little darker or a little lighter than last time, that's totally normal. Enjoy as usual.

* To maintain the quality of the product, Vitamin C and Citric Acid are added to enhance the product. For best consistency, shake well before serving. Refrigerate after opening and finish within five days.

Harmony Green Bottle:

EVOH* Bottle

*EVOH stands for "Ethylene Vinyl-Alcohol Copolymers"

  • Outstanding Oxygen barrier
  • Preserves flavor and locks in aroma
  • Retains a modified atmosphere
  • Prevents flavor scalping
  • Extends shelf life
  • Protects food from developing off-odor and off-flavor due to penetration of volatile contaminants
  • Can be used to make transparent structures