Altie Anti-Light Aging Series
Elegance released from the depth of the skin
Skin will naturally age with you.
What can we do other than prevention
and moisturizing?
Here comes the recipe.
  • Altie series will revitalize your skin in a way you
    have never seen.
  • As an efficient fighter of light-aging, the
    exclusive AloenRich® and Princess Care
    elements are the secret of its magic.
  • It will solve your skin problems and allow you
    to enjoy a more luminous face in the future.
  • Daily use will nurture and regenerate your
    skin, enhance elasticity and natural beauty.
  • Not only a daily replenishment for your skin,
    but your mind.
  • Experience the joy of skin bursting with
    elegance from the inside.
*Ultraviolet rays and artificial light (PC etc.) will dry your skin and reduce its elasticity, ultimately leaving an
aging face.
Altie Rejuvenates your Skin
For more radiating
and natural beauty
Enhance the regenerative capability of skin. Harmony Green Original Elements.
Organic Aloe essence delivers full vitality deep to your skin. Three carefully selected natural oils supplement Aloe Vera for a more shining result.

Extracts of Aloe Vera leaf, soybean sprout, chamomile ower, hydrolyzed silk.
Nurturing beauty
Princess Care
Princess Care
Plant-based oil is a natural fighter of light-aging. The extract oil from Geranium Robertianum is especially unique.
In combination with AloenRich®, it restores the skin damaged by light and dryness for a youthful and brilliant face.

Geranium Robertianum extract
(All moisture retention elements).