For your precious skin
Aloe Facial Soap
A facial Soap that cleans your face
gently with AloenRich® mixture
The Original element
AloenRich is made with three elements
carefully selected and naturally derived
to support the work of Aloe Vera.
*1  Aloe Vera leaf juice
*2  Hydrolyzed silk (all moisture retention elements)
Aloe Facial Soap
The rich dense foam gently covers delicate skin

After washing, your skin is regenerated

Gently wipes away the dirt and aged cuticles that dull the skin.
Feel for yourself the bright, clear skin afer washing your face.

Uses hand-made soap created carefully over time

Uses traditional "frame-kneading" manufacturing method.
Exquisitely made by experienced and skilled craftsmen.
The last step in the process is to allow the Aloe soap to dry
naturally over time.
Frame kneading manufacturing method
The soaps are poured into a frame and take time to freeze and harden.
This process is dfferent from typical methods of machine manufacturing.
By combining natural moisture retention elements,and drying naturally, the soap is allowed to form correctly and last longer.