Organic aloe vera,
receiving the abundant blessings of the sun and the earth,
fully delivers life force to the skin.

This is a combination of original
elements "AloenRich ®"
that focuses on the restorative
powers of the skin

*1 Aloe Vera juice
*2 Hydrolyzed silk all moisturizing elements


The suppleness and shine bursting out from the depths of your skin

"ALO Enrich ®" luxuriously combines independent elements focusing on the rebirth of the skin. Supports the original beauty of the skin for healthy skin that does not give into age.

The secret of beautiful skin is "directly after washing your face"

Provides the moisture required by the skin and gives you brand new skin after washing your face. It provides the foundation, with lotion and cream adapting to the skin to a surprising degree.

Comfort that you will never want to lose

Adapting makes it melt into the skin and is supremely comfortable Experience the feeling of bare skin that you will want to touch again and again.
It is recommended for such people.
For those who want to age beautifully
For those who want to care for your face in a gentle way
Feel that the condition of your skin is somewhat lacking
For those who want to provide concentrated care for aging skin
Your skin tends to waver due to the changing of the seasons and external stimuli
Wish for more suppleness and flexibility
Due to your busy schedule you are unable to spend time on skin care every day